April 25, 2021

Where Treasure Hunt Meets The Road

Want to win $1,000? We have hidden a safe with a cash prize inside. Solving clues to find the number combination of the safe, teams will head off on an driving adventure to locate the secret numbers and then unscramble the numbers before being given the location to the safe. Do you have what it takes?

Triple Crown Rally – FULL

June 19-21, 2021

3-Day Road Rally to the Okanagan & Back!

Join us on this epic action-packed 3-day rally from Calgary to Kelowna and back! This event is governed by our app, which provides teams with clues to find hidden location, activities and destinations. This is a competitive event with a ton of fun extras! Teams compete for points by completing tasks and activities. Get ready to take on some exciting new tasks as well as explore some extremely cool places!

Track Attack Track Day – FULL

August 15, 2021

Track Day At Area 27 In The Okanagan

We’re hosting our first ever track day at Area 27 in the Okanagan! Join us for some open lapping, autocross and more!

Snowball Rally

Coming Winter 2021/2022

2-Day Activity-Based Winter Themed Road Rally

Explore Alberta’s Foothills and Rocky Mountains on this epic 2-day Winter rally. This relaxed-format event will see teams take part in four fun-filled group activities, like downhill snow tubing and axe throwing! There’s no competition. Just camaraderie and a fun time!