Enter To Win A Spot On Royal Rally – Thunder Run + An Optional BMW I8 Rental!

We’re working with Oraizen Automotive to present one lucky winner with the opportunity to both participate in Royal Rally’s Thunder Run event on September 14 and drive a BMW I8 on the event!* All proceeds will be donated to Accelerate Change charities!

Here’s how it’ll work:

Entry is by donation**. A $25 donation will earn you a spot in the contest. Simply fill out the form below and then press submit! Donations will be processed via Paypal or e-transfer, once you’ve submitted the form.

The winner will receive the entire Royal Rally – Thunder Run experience, valued at $450, plus you have the option of driving a BMW I8 on the rally, courtesy of Oraizen Automotive! You can also being your own vehicle, pending it meets our acceptance criteria.

Teams who have already payed their entry fee are eligible to receive a reimbursement of their entry fee plus an optional 24 hour BMW I8 rental for the rally, if they win this contest.

You can also enter the contest on behalf of someone else and gift the experience to them.


To enter this contest, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age before September 14, 2019
  • Hold valid vehicle insurance
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Provide Oraizen automotive with a refundable damage deposit
  • Sign Royal Rally’s safety and release waivers
  • Have valid and current I.D. on you at all times
  • Comply with all Alberta traffic and safety laws as well as rules of venues we attend on the event
  • Agree to Royal Rally’s standard terms and conditions for this contest
  • Sign Oraizen Automotive’s rental agreement when you pick up the car

All entries are considered final and will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever. Please find the contest rules here.

The BMW I8 rental is optional.

The winner’s name will be drawn via live stream on or about September 1, 2019. The grand prize cannot be substituted and is considered final once it has been won. Rally teams who have already registered and paid may enter this contest to have their entry fee refunded and win a 24 hour BMW I8 rental.

*Vehicle pickup and drop-off is in Edmonton.

**Entries are considered a donation. By law, this is a crowd-funded giveaway, with proceeds going to Accelerate Change Charities.

***If a minimum of 50 spots don’t fill up before September 1, the contest will be terminated and donations will be refunded.

Contest entries will also be accepted on the Royal Auction House Facebook Page.

Contest entrants:

  1. Nick Pentelichuk
  2. Phil Thompson
  3. William Warawa
  4. Rommel Agana
  5. Cory Robinson
  6. Denis Marar
  7. Matt French
  8. Nikki Kresnyak
  9. Phil Thompson
  10. Lei Takoka
  11. Parker Muirhead
  12. Tanya Andersen
  13. Brenda Mathew
  14. Cory Robinson
  15. Nikki Kresnyak
  16. Curtis Cooper
  17. Jonas Lau
  18. C.J. Quinton
  19. Tyler Larocque
  20. Cory Robinson
  21. Tyler Larocque
  22. Mike Oakley
  23. Gina Barnfather
  24. Peter Fornalik
  25. Tyson Durocher
  26. Erin McCready
  27. William Warawa
  28. Jeff Kresnyak
  29. William Driedger
  30. Cory Robinson
  31. Nick Pentelichuk
  32. Tanya Andersen
  33. Jana Kiemele
  34. Oleksiy Petrovskyy
  35. Sabrina Khan
  36. Scott Anstey
  37. Clayton Crozier
  38. Brenda Mathew
  39. Gina Barnfather
  40. Jeff Kresnyak
  41. Jay-Lynn Blackmore
  42. Phil Thompson
  43. Randy Borysko
  44. Richard Skyrme
  45. Tyson Durocher
  46. Brandon Gray
  47. Phil Thompson
  48. Mohamed Akrouch
  49. Michael Allan
  50. William Warawa
  51. William Warawa
  52. William Warawa
  53. William Warawa
  54. William Warawa
  55. William Warawa
  56. William Warawa
  57. Jason Atkinson
  58. Jason Akinson
  59. Darryl Sigler
  60. Troy Pidherney
  61. Jon Ngan
  62. Rahim Rana
  63. Rahim Rana
  64. Rahim Rana
  65. Rahim Rana
  66. Rahim Rana
  67. Shahzad Pervez
  68. Kyle Raher
  69. Gina Barnfather-Tamm
  70. Rachel McLean
  71. Jared Withell
  72. Chris Patten
  73. Robert Dixon
  74. Duane Smith
  75. Leanne Ferrar

Red = donation has not been paid