Royal Rally’s 2020 refund policy is as follows:

Deposit: Your deposit is considered non-refundable. Once paid, your deposit will confirm your spot on the event. Due to the popularity of the event, and a recurring problem of teams registering and backing out without notice, deposits will not be refunded.

Entry Fee: Once your deposit is paid, the remainder of your entry fee will be requested separately. Your entry fee, less your deposit, is 100% refundable until 30 days before the event. Once we’re within the 30-day window, no refunds will be issued. Teams will receive notice when the refund deadline is approaching.

Credit on-file:

  • Your deposit or entry fee may not be used as credit towards a future event, if you withdraw from any event this year.
  • Any credit held over from previous events must be used up before the end of 2020. After our final event of 2020, any credit currently on-file will no longer be valid.