Next Rally Date (Event 1 of 3): Sunday, May 31, 2020


Heat 1: 1pm departure

Heat 2: 1:30pm departure

This event will take approx. 5 hours to complete.

**Events 2 & 3 will be announced in the coming weeks.**

Are you ready for a challenge? Royal Rally – Unleashed will take place in multiple stages (once every month). In each stage, teams will earn points that’ll count towards their cumulative scores. At the end of the final event, the team with the highest cumulative points will win a cash prize!* The more events you do, the greater your score will be!

How registration works:

When you register, you will be placed into a heat and will be given access to the official Royal Rally Unleashed app, which tracks your points and positioning. On event day, teams will receive clues, one at a time, to find locations and must submit photo proof via our app. Because this is a social distancing event, there will be no formal start line. We will, however, recommend a start location, based on proximity to the first location. Our photographers will be starting from the suggested starting area, so if you want photos, you’ll want to start from there. We’ll release a heat of 30 teams every half hour.

How the event works:

Using the app, teams will have to solve clues to find hidden locations. A timer will count down to the end of the event. Once teams have reached the location the app is directing them to, they will take a photo and submit it. If they are in the correct location, they will receive a point. They will then be given a new clue to find the next location. There are 10 locations total. When the event timer reaches zero, the app will terminate. After that point, no more photos can be submitted. Can you track down all the locations before the timer runs out?

Once photos are scored, teams’ points will appear on the official event leader-board, in the app. After the final event in the series, the team with the highest cumulative score will win the jackpot cash prize!*

This event is to be completed using social distancing measures. You are able to complete the event by staying in your car. You can maintain social distancing and still have fun!

*Winnings will be determined based on the total number of entries on each event. There estimated prize will be $1,000. The prize may be more or less, depending on the number of participants in each event.

What’s included in your rally entry for the May 31 event?

  • Event admission for May 31 event
  • Access to the Royal Rally Unleashed app
  • Light dinner, for pickup, from Starbelly (Bourbon-glazed pork belly, beet salad or crab & asparagus dip)
  • A portion of your entry fee goes towards the event jackpot!
  • Charitable donation

Cost Per Team, For The May 31 Event: $120

*Entry fee is based on two vehicle occupants